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November 2013

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As I was in the hospital room with all the doctors that New Year’s Eve morning 2010, hearing what I know in the medical world, I agreed with them.  She fought 10 rounds of chemo and it felt like the fight was up.  Her body had enough.  I thought today is the day I lose my Mom.   I heard my Dad state otherwise; he still wanted to fight for her life.  She had fought those 10 rounds of chemo and he would not give up on her.  We all want our loves to have life and life more abundantly.  Here is the story of God’s miracle.


It is hard to believe two years have gone by when my mother was laying in the hospital and we were called to by the hospital to say, our final Goodbye.   When we arrived at the hospital, the room was full of nurses and doctors.  The recent CT showed an enlarged lymph node showing the cancer had spread and the MRI showed a stroke from that morning.  She had multiple pulmonary embolisms in both the right and left lungs diagnosed a few days before.   She was on blood thinners for the pulmonary embolisms which made surgery impossible. What these Doctors stated was truth of what they have experienced in the medical community.  The doctors wanted us to say Goodbye and pull the plug.  At this point we could let her go in her coma state.  It would be a peaceful way to go, but what transpired that New Years Eve of 2010 was the miracle of God.  Proof is in the picture above taken in 2012.



I heard God tell me to kneel down and pray out loud.  In the room with doctors and nurses, I knelt down by my Mom’s bed and stated out loud, “God watch over my Mom and be with the surgeon.” The surgeon grabbed the rails of my mom’s bed and told me, “Don’t believe in religion.”  I prayed silently, “God don’t disappoint.” I thought to myself, I don’t believe in a religion, I believe in God Almighty, God of the Bible.  Then the surgeon gave us the odds of survival which were grim.  If she did recover she would be in a wheel chair, unable to talk or difficulty expressing herself, and would need assistance with everything, bathroom, eating, reading a book.   My mom is the outdoors type of person who needs exercise all the time and is too independent for my Dad.  This new lifestyle would be extremely difficult on my Mom as well as the rest of us. We were told she would be out of surgery by 3pm but when 4pm rolled around we were extremely anxious.  The surgeon came out and stated she made it through the surgery.  We should have patience with her for what we would have to deal with next.  My Dad received his silent prayer, she is still alive. I needed to see her to make sure she was really alive.  I didn’t believe she could make it through the surgery.  There she was with tubes in her head, a trachea tube in her mouth, IVs all over her arms feeding her medications.  She looked weak, frail, and not up for another fight. My thought was could she make it tell my brother arrived from Oregon so he could say Goodbye.  I was not sure she would make it through the night. When my brother and his wife arrived they were devastated by how she looked. My brother was speechless and withdrawn the rest of the night.  My other brother could not hold himself together and his partner was trying to help him.   We were told she would not be able to walk, talking would be difficult, and she would drool without muscle tension on one side of her face.  The neurologist stated she would be a vegetable in a wheel chair, his words exactly. The next morning I could not sleep and showed up at 7am.  This was New Year’s Day 2011 at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View California.  I was going to learn the fate of my Mother’s health and the toll it would take in our lives. When I arrived at the hospital she was being seen by the nurse.  The nurse started performing neurologic testing.  She started by testing the hands first the right then the left.  “Both worked” the nurse stated surprised. I asked the nurse, “Is that a miracle?” She stated, “That gives me goose bumps, ….Yes.”  

The nurse proceeded to the feet.  Both feet responded.  She double checked the notes to figure out which side was affected.  She retests the bad foot.  It responded normally.  I asked the nurse again, “Is that a miracle? Again she stated, “That gives me goose bumps,… yes.” The nurse proceeded to the face to see if the muscle movement was equal on both sides of the face.  We could not tell because of the trachea tube in her mouth but it looked almost equal. I asked the nurse in all the years she worked did she ever see someone recover as well as my mom from a stroke.  She stated, “Never, your mom is the first.” My New Year’s Day was becoming brighter.  The trachea tube was supposed to be in for 4-7 days was removed in two hours. When the trachea tube was removed my Mom sat up in bed and started bossing us around like nothing had happened. She still believes nothing was ever wrong with her.  If you have ever seen someone right out of surgery they don’t pull out go from weakness to immediate strength.  It takes time.  There was no delay with my Mom.  God came down put his hand on her, removed all signs of the stroke, pulmonary embolisms, and cancer. My atheist sister in law pulled me aside and stated she had to believe there is a God because she knew from watching her brother go through many surgeries no one recovers from surgery that fast.  She believed in God that day.  My friends in the medical community who have walked through the chemo and this hospital stay with me and see my Mom today can’t believe how well she is doing today. She has played her lowest scoring golf game ever, each hole one under par.  All I can say is nothing is impossible to God.
The love my Dad has for my Mom is a great representation of the love God has for us.  God does not want anyone of us to perish but have ever lasting life with him in heaven. It is so similar to my Dad desiring life for my Mom here on earth.  My Dad still wants to have a relationship full of love and companionship with her, just like your heavenly Father does too. If you are a non-believer in God, God loves you enough to have this message sent to you.  Life is more than just what is here and now but there is a wonderful heaven to go to. There is only one who can give you the keys to heaven’s gate of eternal life.  We can have this by professing Jesus is the Son of God who died on the Cross for our sins because we are sinners but are restored to wholeness because of what Jesus did for us.  This allows us to have communication through the Holy Spirit which is like a supernatural cellphone, so we can have a relationship with God and Jesus.  He desires for us to have a relationship with Him. This is not about a specific church to attend or denomination.  Learn for yourself through the pages of the Bible and question what you read so you will fully understand a God who loved my family enough to restore my Mom’s health with only me following after God.  God desires my whole family to be saved through a miracle only He can perform. He loves you enough to be given this message.  Take a step and learn about God and what Jesus has done for you.